Opening a business has always been thought of as something that needed a lot of planning and a huge lump sum of capital. The advancement of internet technology has made these notions a non-issue. Yes, you need to have a solid plan to start any form of business but gone are the days when you had to hit the ground to learn about the dos and don'ts of the business you wanted to start. Google has made it easy to search and learn more about your business niche as you run your business. You need only follow what thousands of successful online entrepreneurs are doing, and their business models are pretty straightforward and standard too. Here you can see more articles about Trending Business Ideas 2017.

You do not need that huge lump sum of capital as nowadays online businesses ideas are started with close to zero dollars. The most important thing is to identify where your strength lies and make money off of it. To help you, let us go through some internet business opportunities that you may consider:

Online Business Opportunities No. 1: SEO Consultancy

Every company that wants massive sales know that SEO is one of the ways to go. They would pay big bucks to have their businesses on the top rankings of Google. All you need is to learn the ins and outs of SEO starting with acquiring some basic skills in various platforms such as Google Analytics and Google Trends.

The knowledge you gain will be the weapon you will use to show these companies how much they need your skills for their business growth. You will have identified a gap in their growth that only you can fill through teaching them how to read analytics data and use it in the right way to boost their sales. Once you get them on board, deliver great results, you will be on your way to sustaining and acquiring more clients.

Online Business Opportunities No.2: Business Coaching

If you have a broad range of business knowledge and experience, this is the thing for you. There is never a lack of the need for training to improve the skills of employees. Most companies set aside budgets for their staff to undergo business training to improve their productivity at work. The demand is so high that you are sure to make a steady income from this venture. You can start through blogging about some online business ideas every few times a week to create hype. Then you can proceed to identify your target market and direct them to your blog. Better yet, platforms like LinkedIn have made it easy for professionals to identify fellow professionals and work together. Writing some business tips on these professional platforms will attract many people to your page, and some would even want to engage your services.

Online Business Opportunities No. 3: Opening an eCommerce Store

This is one of the best online entrepreneur ideas of the 21st century. And you do not need to have a huge capital to start your own store. All you will need is a good host provider, set up your shipping and payment processing orders, find a reliable shopping cart, and you are good to go. The best part is you do not have to stock up the products you will be selling.


Pay attention to what your target audience is lacking and fill that gap with solution providing products. You can even go as far as selling for other vendors and make some great commissions in the process. This way you can escape some product delivery headaches if your strength is not in making timely deliveries.