Are you confused on what to content to post on your social media? Here are five content ideas you want to try 

For you to gain traction on social media, you should post continuously and connect with your audience. But you can’t just post anyhow, can you?

Before you post anything on social media, you must be sure that they are interesting, catchy and your audience loves them. But the more you need to post engaging contents, the more confused you become.

Fortunately, you stumbled on this post. In this post, I will give you five social media content ideas that you would want to try.

  1. Ask relevant questions. When I mean ask questions, I don’t mean you should ask any how questions, I mean you should ask relevant questions – questions in line with your niche. For instance, if you’re a fashion brand, you could ask questions like “what is your best denim look this season?” share in the comments below. Ask questions that are relevant to your niche.
  2. Take your audiences behind-the-scenes. Anytime you get confused on what to post; you should try to take your audiences behind-the-scenes of your company. Most things are happening behind-the-scenes that could be of interest your audience. The behind-the-scene post might be about your employee’s birthday celebration, videos and photos from events that your company is involved in, and so on.
  3. Shine a spotlight in your audiences. Shining a spotlight on your audiences is one of the best ways to show appreciation to your customers, and to promote your brand. You can shine a spotlight on your audiences by promoting a customer’s profile or by sharing nice posts for a customer on his/her birthday. It doesn’t need to be fixed, just do something creative and intriguing.
  4. Answer a common question. Most times, customers ask a question over and over again. You can set aside a day to answer the frequently asked questions. You can create a post or video to answer these questions. Answering frequent questions will not only promote your brand, but it will help gain your customers trust.
  5. Run a contest. Running a contest is not something you can think of one day and do, it requires a bit more planning and thinking. A very good way to connect with your audience and place your brand in front of them is by running a contest. Before you start running a contest, make sure you have a clear goal, a desirable price and some guidelines for participants.

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